Getting Started - Man eating

Have you ever said this before: "I don't know where to begin?!"

Getting Started - Protein ShakeAre you lost in all of the weight loss and exercise information out there? Do you want to become healthier but need a starting point? Do you wonder if you should be drinking a protein shake for dinner or eating broiled chicken? Have you ever wondered if you should focus on cardio or strength training?

Here’s the good news – I have made it SO EASY for you! When you become a Fun-N-Fit Member you receive 5 workout videos each week, a delicious plant-based meal plan and you'll have access to the Private Fun-N-Fit Facebook Group.

So, you’ve made the decision to commit to a healthy lifestyle, what now?

Getting Started - Working OutBefore beginning a weight loss program, check with your doctor. After my back injury, I started with small goals (that’s how I came to write Small Bites), I did water aerobics three times a week.

If that sounds like too big of a commitment or you hate water, pick your own way of moving.  Walking for 20 minutes a day, biking for 30 minutes every other day, playing basketball twice a week or Fun-N-Fit workouts in the privacy of your own home.

Think you don’t have time? Think again. The Fun-N-Fit workouts are only 28 minutes each and that includes warm up and stretching. If you can’t find the time to do them 5 days a week, start with 2 or 3 times a week.  You will start to see the results and become addicted. 

You have to decide what your goals are and they need to be attainable and realistic. Don’t be a Sunday Sally and promise yourself you’ll workout every day for three hours a day – starting Monday. You know you won’t.

Use my SMALL Bite method to help you set realistic goals:

S - Specific – What exactly do you want to achieve? i.e. I want to lower my blood pressure to normal levels.

M - Motivational – Can you envision your goal? How would achieving it make you feel?

A - Action – What action are you going to take to reach your goal? i.e. Fun-N-Fit workouts 5xs a week.

L - Likely – Is it an achievable goal? Are you likely to workout 5xs a week?

L - Let it happen – Don’t fret and worry about it. Don’t check your blood pressure every hour (unless your doc has told you to do so). Don’t worry about whether you should workout in the morning or in the evening. Just do it and let it happen. You will reach your goal if you continue to make more healthy decisions than non-healthy ones.

Getting Started - ClockIt takes about a month to create a habit, so give Fun-N-Fit a try for a month. Really commit and see the results. Give yourself time and focus on you. 

What should I eat, now that I’m exercising?

Getting Started - Food-VegetablesYou can use the same SMALL Bite method for your eating plan; set realistic goals. How about starting with fruit and veggies? Could you commit to eating 3 vegetables and 2 fruits every day? No? How about 1 more than before? One more fruit or vegetable than you ate yesterday. I know you can do that! What about water? Could you decide to drink 8 glasses of water a day?

Let’s focus on adding good habits rather than eliminating “bad” ones.

I have taken all of the work out of meal planning when you become a Fun-N-Fit Member. You will receive a weekly plant-based meal plan full of simple, but delicious recipes, snacks and tips. I make it easy by suggesting shortcuts like when its Spaghetti night, boil extra noodles to use in Pad Thai for the next evenings dinner. Check out the Sample Meal Plan.

Not 100% plant-based? That's fine, simply tweak the recipes to suit your desires. This plan will help you transition to eating and enjoying more whole foods, which could lower your cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, lower your risk of heart disease, risk of diabetes and risk of some cancers. There is NO downside to eating plants and this meal plan will help you discover that fact.

Getting Started - Cindy NewlandWhat's Next?

Sticking to a wellness program is difficult and requires sacrifice. You can receive the help you need to committing and reaching your goals in the Private Fun-N-Fit Facebook Group. This community is here to help you succeed. Feel free to share highs, lows, questions, tips, recipes or anything else Fun-N-Fit related. We'll cheer you on. Have a question for Cindy, ask away and she'll answer it.

Make the decision to stick with it and achieve your goals, become a Fun-N-Fit Member today.

Remember, this is a lifestyle – not a diet. Intentionally Eat and make it a Small Bite!