Got Motivation?

Hi Fit Friends!

I am probably asked most often about motivation; what keeps me motivated and what can someone do to get or stay motivated. Can you relate? All too often I hear, "I really want to lose weight and be healthy, but I'm just not motivated to workout and/or I just can't eat healthy. Better yet - it's too expensive to eat healthy. Am I hitting a nerve?

Here's how I think of motivation - it's like the spikes you see on a heart monitor, up and down, not a straight line always heading upwards. You are going to have days, weeks, or seasons where you are motivated and in the same way, times when you are not. Those are the times you dig deep.

  • You can read fitness magazines, books, etc. I study about health and nutrition, but I'm weird (I don't want to be normal, that's overweight and headed towards diabetes).
  • Try listening to energizing music that makes you want to move.
  • Surround yourself with people that hold you accountable - in a loving way. You help keep me motivated and hopefully I help you, too. Thanks by the way.
  • Pray - it works.  Here is one you might like.
  • Make sure you can imagine yourself reaching your goal. Set one that is reasonable and achievable, otherwise no amount of motivation will help. If you need help setting a goal, check out my book Small Bites, Big Results.
  • Try new healthy recipes - here's one.

Try new exercises, new places to walk or a new workout - here's some ideas.

I like to keep my workouts fresh so I will enjoy them. I think back to my back injury in 2001 and the extra 125 lbs I was carrying. I never want to go back, so I keep moving forward. Why do you want to get healthy? Focus on that and nothing will stop you.

Intentionally Eat!