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Wellness Retreats

Wellness Retreats - Yoga“Intentional” Wellness Retreats:

Take your practice to a whole new destination…

I love to travel; discover new things, eat different foods, and see how other human beings live in this world. Sometimes, when I travel I get myself into crazy situations like cave spelunking in Belize! Mostly, I teach yoga, get quiet and renew, enjoy this breathtaking world, and buy a few souvenirs.

Wellness Retreats - SpainI have travelled with friends to Spain. We toured the beautiful cities, ran a 5k, climbed the hills of the small villages and met the locals, ate freshly baked bread and drank red wine outside a stone castle. I taught a yoga class in a 1,000 year old building while surrounded by friends, it was a surreal moment for me.

Wellness Retreats - HawaiiMore recently my friends and I hiked an active volcano in Hawaii. If you reached your hand and put it down close to a crevice you could feel the intense heat.


Wellness Retreats - Mexico TemazcalWellness Retreats - MexicoSome of my friends and I swam with wild dolphins off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Travelers tip: make sure to avoid the tourist traps that are holding dolphins captive. Wild ones don’t want to hug and have a selfie taken with you!

A few of us sweated toxins out in a temazcal, a type of sweat lodge. It was so hot, I thought my contacts would melt!

Wellness Retreats - NicaraguaWellness Retreats - Nicaragua-MonkeyOn my latest retreat, the gang and I enjoyed having monkeys drink water from the plunge pools outside of our treehouse accommodations in Nicaragua. I didn’t mind sharing.

I believe we have to INTENTIONALLY step away from the everyday, so we can regain focus, clarity, and peace. If you are looking for a different kind of vacation, a vacation that is out of the ordinary, a vacation that is epic, then join me!

Wellness Retreats - Cindy Newland

I am proud to lead INTENTIONAL WELLNESS RETREATS! When you travel with me you will leave busyness behind. Your only goals are to relax, rejuvenate, and renew. You can be as active as you want by choosing to participate in energizing morning yoga, hike, swim, or try stand up paddle boarding. You can push your physical limits by hiking volcanoes, cave spelunking, or zip lining all in breathtaking destinations.

Not into adrenaline? No worries, when you travel with me you can sleep in, read, nap, sunbathe, nap some more, and if you feel really energetic finish your day with a relaxing evening yoga class. You might even learn the ins and outs of healthy eating and pick up tips for relaxation and stress relief.

Whether you want the adventure or the relaxing, we will get away from everyday life so you can reconnect with Peace. Come withdraw with me so you can advance.

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