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image of healthy homemade oatmeal packets by intentionally eat with Cindy Newland on a white wooden board
image of cinnamon tortilla chips by intentionally eat with cindy newland lying on a green wooden table
image of a bowl of creamy fruit salsa by intentionally eat with cindy newland, a cinnamon crisp chip is on the edge of the bowl
image of avocado fudgesicles by intentionally eat with cindy newland with a hand pulling the fudgesicle out of the container
image of chocolate avocado pudding by intentionally eat with cindy newland in a glass dish with a gold spoon and green napkin
image of healthy spaghetti carbonara by cindy newland with intentionally eat on a white plate with a gold fork

Hey! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m Cindy Newland and I lost 125 pounds. No, I didn’t do it by eating cabbage soup.

I did it through intentional eating (hence, the name) and moving more. I will share a lot about my weight loss journey, mistakes I’ve made, lessons I’ve learned, and my faith that helped me reach my goal.

In addition to recipes and weight loss tips, you’ll notice I love my hubby, animals (cats, especially), yoga and all things healthy.

I’ll share the bits that inspire me, hopefully they will inspire you, too. I hope you will look around, exercise with me, say hey, and intentionally eat. It’s great to have you here!

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