Hey there, I’m Cindy!

and I know how frustrating it can be to struggle with weight loss.

image of Cindy Newland with Intentionally Eat
Cindy Newland

Like you, I’m busy with life. By day, I’m an author, entrepreneur, blogger, professional cook, product creator, personal trainer, health coach, and the CEO of my company, Functional Fitness, LLC.

But I’m also a busy wife and volunteer at a local animal shelter (adopt, don’t shop) and my church.

There’s nothing I love better than organizing a fabulous international Wellness Retreat (you should join us!) I’m also an introverted Andy Griffith fan, a half-marathoner, a coffee snob, and a big fan of black iced tea, avocados, and cats (I might have a few!)

Suffice it to say, life can get a little crazy sometimes!

Before my plant-based weight loss

Twenty years ago, I was obese and weighed nearly 300 pounds.

image of Cindy Newland before losing 125 pounds eating a plant based diet overlooking a canyon in Hawaii
Before losing 125 pounds

I ignored my clothes getting tighter and the number on the scale creeping up.

Several times a year, especially on January 1st, I’d vow to do better. I’d start another new diet plan and promised myself I would stick to it. 

But, I couldn’t seem to get a handle on my weight. Sure, I would lose some weight, but I couldn’t keep it off.

And I was so frustrated.

Not only that, I was beginning to fear that I might have to start taking medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Worst of all, I was afraid I would need a motorized scooter to get around and maybe there really was nothing I could do about my weight.

It felt like I had tried everything.

Keto. Adkins. Nutri-System. Smoothies. Juice cleanses. Cabbage soup. Weight Watchers. Slim Fast. Even laxatives in my younger days.

I hired a personal trainer and worked out 3 days a week.

Of course, I would experience weight loss. I would always lose a few pounds—sometimes even 20 or 25—but then I’d “fall” off the diet.

Something would always come up; a party or we’d get busy and have a lot of takeout or just the stress of life, and I’d struggle to stay on track.

My breaking point

It wasn’t until I had a debilitating back injury that I reached a turning point.

I realized my terrible diet and lack of exercise had brought me to that low point. My poor choices had harmed my health.

I knew I had to make a change.

But after SO many previous weight loss failures, I also knew I’d have to figure out a solution that would actually work for me. 

  • I needed to be able to snack and not feel guilty.
  • I needed to be able to have flexibility and be able to eat out.
  • I needed something easy.
  • I needed to be able to make meals my family would enjoy.
  • I needed to see progress – quickly.

And I could never, ever be hungry.

And that was the start of my plant-based weight loss

I created a whole new way of eating with one main rule: 

You should never feel like you’re on a diet.

One Small Bite at a time, I began losing weight and changing my lifestyle.

I lost 125 pounds, became a certified health coach and personal trainer and I completely transformed my life.

Best of all, I was never hungry. I ate out when I wanted to. I got to eat incredibly delicious food. I never felt deprived. 

And I have kept it off for well over a decade.

I continue to eat this way every day. I finally found an eating approach that I know I can stick with forever because it’s everything I need—easy, flexible, completely satisfying, and downright delectable.

It’s an approach to eating—and living—that has completely transformed my life, so much so that I want to share it.

I know I’m not the only one

I hear from women every day who are just like me, and probably a lot like you too—tired of struggling with excess weight and the health issues that go along with it.

And you don’t have time for complicated diet plans. You need a simple solution that allows you to enjoy life, not restrict it.

Being hungry simply isn’t an option, because it causes you to derail and lose all of the momentum you created.

What you truly crave is a fresh eating approach that gets the job done!

Forget about diets, we’re talking about a lifestyle—a way of eating that’s downright delightful and incredibly effective. It’s so effortless and delicious, you’ll happily embrace it for life!

And that’s what Intentionally Eat™ is all about-

three healthy mid age women laughing

Weight Loss Made Simple

I have organized everything I’ve learned over the past twenty years into an easy to follow 21 Day plant-based diet.

The 21 Day Plant Based Weight Loss Solution™  is a new way of eating, and IntentionallyEat™ is here to help you and make it as easy as possible. Because here at IntentionallyEat™, we believe you CAN eat to LOSE.

It’s the best vegan diet to lose weight and we are dedicated to providing you with a complete plant-based diet education and a custom meal plan for weight loss that’s practical and easy to follow.

Our mission is to empower you to make health-promoting food choices for the rest of your life, not just a temporary trendy diet, so you can enjoy a vibrant life.

image of pasta with sauteed vegetables on a white plate with a fork
Roasted Veggie Pasta

Recipes Made Simple

At Intentionally Eat we believe that cooking delicious, plant-based meals shouldn’t be complicated. Instead, we’re all about simple, nourishing meals that come together fast and taste amazing.

All our recipes are field-tested in our Intentionally Eat kitchen and use nutritious ingredients.

We know you might be new to plant-based eating and unfamiliar with some of the ingredients, so we explain what the ingredients are and where you can find them. We do the work, so you don’t have to!

woman holding kettlebell  while on a mat and watching a zoom workout

Movement Made Simple

Getting up off the couch is one of the most important things you can do for your body and especially for weight loss.

Our exercise tips and videos will help you ease into a more active life, transform your health, boost your immune system, and have more energy so you can feel amazing.

Ready to get started?

So if you’re ready to jump in, I recommend starting with our Healthy Habits Jumpstart.

It’s a 5 weight loss workout plant plan designed to introduce you to this new way of eating and living.

I’m thrilled to be with you on your journey to plant-based weight loss.

Get ready for an amazing transformation.