10 Reasons to Eat Blueberries!

Blueberries are sweet, delicious, and nutritious! They are a low calorie “superfood” and here are some of the reasons they are so super:

1. Blueberries are high in nutrients, but low in calories!

1 cup has:

  • 4 grams of fiber
  • 24% RDA – vitamin C
  • 36% RDA – vitamin K
  • and only 84 calories!

2. Blueberries Might Lower Your Blood Pressure!

I had high blood pressure when I was obese.  I talk about it and how I lost 125 lbs in my book – Small Bites, Big Results.

I didn’t try to lower my blood pressure with blueberries, but numerous studies have shown a link between regular consumption of  the berries and reduction in blood pressure.

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3. Blueberries Might Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease!

High blood pressure is one risk factor for heart disease, but some observational studies have shown that regular consumption of blueberries not only lowered blood pressure, but they were also linked to a 32% reduction in heart attacks.

4. Blueberries Are High in Antioxidants!

Blueberries have the highest antioxidant capacity of all commonly consumed fruits and vegetables!

5. Blueberries Can Help With Brain Function and Memory!

A 12 week study of elderly participants with mild cognitive impairment showed improvements with brain function after consuming blueberry juice every day.

The berries were linked to slowing cognitive aging by up to 2.5 years in a 6 year study of elderly participants.

6. Blueberries May Reduce Muscle Soreness!

This one is near and dear to my heart.  Since I teach fitness classes, do personal training, and workout on my own, I’m always sore -ALWAYS!

A small study of female athletes showed that eating blueberries accelerated muscle recovery and minimized soreness. Give me a blueberry NOW!

7. Blueberries May Help Protect Against Cancer!

Remember, blueberries are high in antioxidants?  Well, those antioxidants can help protect against cancer, since they help to neutralize free radicals that cause damage to our DNA.

8. Blueberries Help Lower Cholesterol!

High cholesterol is another health risk that can lead to heart disease.  Thankfully, the antioxidants in blueberries have been linked to lowering LDL (“bad” cholesterol).

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9. Blueberries Can Help Protect Against Diabetes!

Several studies have shown that blueberries can help improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels.

10. Blueberries Can Help Fight Urinary Tract Infections!

We know that cranberries can help with UTI’s, but blueberries?!  Like cranberries, blueberries contain substances that can prevent certain bacteria. This may be useful in preventing urinary tract infections.

If those reasons aren’t enough to have you popping a few berries into your mouth, try this recipe!

Intentionally eat!



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