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Making a Mason Jar Salad
Mason Jar salad

Making a Mason Jar Salad


Mason Jar salads

Mason Jar Salads

I have just discovered mason jar salads!  Oh, why did I wait so long?!  They are amazing for many reasons, let me count the ways:

1. Mason Jar Salads stay FRESH!

I’m not just talking fresh, I mean crisp, crunchy, and delicious.  Don’t you hate biting into limp lettuce or a mushy tomato?  I do.  You won’t have to with these salads, as long as you start with fresh produce and layer it correctly.

2. They are a great way to INTENTIONALLY EAT!

If you are making a salad you might as well make 5, right?  You have to get out all of the salad fixin’s anyway, so go ahead and make enough to have throughout the week.  You can vary them depending on the beans, veg or dressing that you add.  I’m telling you they stay FRESH!

3.  They are CONVENIENT!

The jar makes it easy to pack a salad in a lunchbox.  Heck, just carry the jar itself and there is no need to pack a box.  Plus you already have the dressing in the jar, so you don’t have to carry an extra container full of dressing.  I can’t count the number of times I have taken a salad or lunch and left the dressing at home.  I hate it when I forget the dressing, don’t you?

The jar is the perfect shape to allow you to place the dressing in the bottom and layer the rest of the ingredients on top, so you NEVER forget the dressing.  Did I mention clean up is a breeze?  Just stick it in the dishwasher.

Mason Jar salad


You don’t have to throw away plastic baggies.  You don’t need to see if your plastic container is BPA free.  Use glass and feel good about helping the earth.  Bonus – it really does keep your salad FRESHER longer than plastic.  Bonus, Bonus – you save money since you no longer need to purchase baggies or containers.

5.  They are HEALTHY!

Well, I guess that depends on the kind of salad you are eating.  You could be scarfing a – meat, cheese, “lots of fat” dressing with a little lettuce on the side – salad.  Or you could enjoy this salad.

Whatever you put into your salad, you will want to layer it like this:

Layer 1 – dressing

You can use a creamy dressing like this one or a vinaigrette.  After a few days, the vinaigrette will “pickle” the carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.  It’s quite yummy!

Mason Jar salad

Layer 2 – hearty vegetables

This of this layer as the barricade for the vulnerable vegetables.  You want this layer to consist of tomatoes, cuke, onion, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, celery, carrots, etc.  You will want at least 2 vegetables here in order to have a strong barricade.

Layer 3 – beans and softer vegetables

Place beans, mushrooms, zucchini, sprouts, corn, etc., in this layer.  If you like avocado (who doesn’t?), this is where you put it.  Remember to squeeze a little lemon or lime juice on it in order to keep it from browning.

Layer 4 – pasta and grains

Any style pasta (quinoa pasta for a gluten-free choice), rice, couscous, quinoa or any other grain you can think of will go in this layer.

Layer 5 – animal products

If you eat meat and cheese this is where you will layer it.


Layer 6 – lettuce, nuts, and seeds

This is the last layer, so you want to put the items that could become soggy if exposed to the dressing here.  Field greens, watercress, spinach, chard, kale, arugula, romaine, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, pecans, almonds, etc.  Get creative!

Put the lid on tight and store in the fridge.  When you are ready to eat turn it upside down and let gravity work for you.  The dressing will be dispersed and you will enjoy a delicious salad!

If you want more salad ideas check here!

How to make mason jar salads


Sharing is caring, so help you friends be healthy, too!

Intentionally Eat,



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