DIY Homemade Electrolyte Sports Drink

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DIY Homemade Electrolyte Healthy Sports Drink

Wow!  That is a recipe title, but I wanted to convey just how great this recipe is and how great it is for you.  I am so over the G drink and all of the “healthy waters” that have added sugars, colors, and chemicals.  Talk about false advertising calling them healthy sports drinks.

First of all, most of us don’t need to drink a sports drink unless we have exercised for more than an hour.  I’m not talking about an hour of video games or a stroll.  I mean an hour of intense, sweat inducing exercise.  Want to know how many calories you are burning during your workout?  Sure, if you have been working outside and sweating profusely then grab a sports drink, otherwise grab water.

Do you know how much water your body needs?  1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces.

When you have sweat dripping down your back along with other places, then you are going to be glad you have this recipe because it is good and good for you.

DIY sports drink Ingredients

1 cup warm water

5 cups cold water

1/2 cp cranberry juice, unsweetened

1 1/2 limes, squeezed

2 Tbsp agave nectar

1/4 tsp salt


homemade electrolyte drinkDirections

Mix agave nectar into warm water in order to dissolve it.  Then add the rest of the ingredients together.  Stir.


Feel free to adjust the agave nectar as desired.  You could use honey, but make sure to dissolve it in warm water or you will have floating honey chunks.

You can use lemons instead of limes, cherry juice instead of cranberry.  Go with what quenches your thirst and enjoy!

The running/walking group loved my Sports Drink!DIY Homemade Electrolyte Sports DrinkPin


I tried several variations of this recipe until I got it just right.  I WISH I had a picture of my husband drinking batch #1.  Picture Jim Carrey sucking on a lemon and that was the face he had.  I guess I had it a little too tart.

After a little trial and error, I got it right and offered it to the running group.  It was a steamy 95 degree evening in the midwest and we were all dripping with sweat.  This sports drink was a hit!  I hope you like it, too!

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