How Many Calories Are You Really Burning?

I know its winter. Some of you don’t want to even look out the windows until you hear robins chirping, so how can we burn calories when it’s so yucky outside?

  1. We could bundle up and go for a walk. It will definitely wake you up, just take precautions for the weather.
  2. We could carry and stack wood for our fireplaces.
  3. We could go bowling!

If you need to take your workout indoors – do it!  Find something you enjoy to while away the winter.

Below is an activity calorie chart. Check it out and see how your activities stack up. The calories burned are based on a 150lb person for a duration of 20 minutes.

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Gym Activities

Aerobics: low impact 113.6
Aerobics: high impact 159
Aerobics: water 90.9
Bicycling, Stationary: moderate, 150
Bicycling, Stationary: vigorous, 200
Calisthenics: Vigorous, jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, 181.8
Elliptical Trainer: general 163.6
Stair Step Machine: w/o supporting bodyweight on hand rails 204.5
Stretching: Mild, Hatha Yoga 56.8yoga6Pin
Weight Lifting: Light, free weight 68.1

Training and Sport Activities

Basketball: playing a game 181.8
Bicycling: BMX or mountain 193.1
Bicycling: 12-13.9 mph, leisure, moderate effort 181.8
Bowling 68.1
Boxing: punching bag 136.3
Dancing: Fast, ballet, twist 109
Dancing: disco, ballroom, square, line, Irish step, polka 102.2
Football: competitive 204.5
Football: touch, flag, general 181.8
Football or Baseball: playing catch 56.8
Golf: carrying clubs 102.2
Golf: using cart 79.5
Golf: driving range, miniature 68.1
Handball: general 272.7
Hiking: cross-country 136.3
Hockey: field & ice 181.8
Horseback Riding: general 90.9
Ice Skating: general 159
Martial Arts: judo, karate, kick boxing, tae kwan do 227.2
Race Walking 147.7
Racquetball: casual, general 159
Rock Climbing: ascending 249.9
Rock Climbing: rappelling 181.8
Rollerblade / In-Line Skating 284
Rope Jumping: general, moderate 227.2
Running: 5 mph (12 min/mile) 181.8
Running: 6 mph (10 min/mile) 227.2
Running: 7 mph (8.5 min/mile) 261.3
Running: 10 mph (6 min/mile) 363.6
Running: cross-country 204.5
Scuba or skin diving 159
Skiing: cross-country, light effort, general, 2.5 mph 159
Skiing: downhill, moderate effort 136.3
Soccer: general 159
Soccer: competitive play 227.2
Softball or Baseball: slow or fast pitch, general 113.6
Surfing: body or board 68.1
Swimming: general, leisurely, no laps 136.3
Swimming: laps, vigorous 227.2
Swimming: backstroke 159
Swimming: breaststroke 227.2
Swimming: crawl, moderate, 50 yds./min 181.8
Swimming: treading, moderate effort 181.8
Table Tennis / Ping Pong 90.9
Tai Chi 90.9
Tennis: general play 159
Volleyball: non-competitive, general play, 6 – 9 member team 68.1
Volleyball: beach 181.8
Walk: 2 mph (30 min/mi) 56.8
Walk: 3 mph (20 min/mi) 75
Walk: 3.5 mph (17 min/mi) 86.3Blog - Move It!Pin
Walk: 4 mph (15 min/mi) 113.6
Walk: 4.5 mph (13 min/mi) 143.1
Walk: 5 mph (12 min/mi) 181.8

Outdoor Home Maintenance / Improvement Activities

Carpentry, installing rain gutters, building fence 136.3
Carrying & stacking wood 113.6
Chopping & splitting wood 136.3
Cleaning rain gutters 113.6
Digging, spading dirt, composting 113.6
Gardening: general 90.9
Mowing Lawn: push, power 124.9
Operate Snow Blower: walking 102.2
Paint outside of home 113.6
Planting seedlings, shrubs 102.2
Raking Lawn 97.7
Roofing 136.3
Sacking grass or leaves 90.9
Shoveling Snow: by hand 136.3
Storm Windows: hanging 113.6
Sweeping: garage, sidewalks, outside of house 90.9
Watering plants, by hand 56.8
Workshop: general carpentry 68.1

Home & Daily Life Activities

Child-care: bathing, feeding, etc. 68.1
Child games: moderate, hop-scotch, jacks, etc. 90.9
Cleaning House: general 68.1
Cooking / Food Preparation 45.4
Food Shopping: with or without cart 52.2
Heavy Cleaning: wash car, windows 68.1
Ironing 52.2
Making Bed 45.4
Moving: household furniture 136.3
Moving: carrying boxes 127.2
Playing w/kids: moderate effort 90.9
Reading: sitting 22.7
Standing in line 27.2
Sleeping 20.4
Vacuuming 79.5
Watching TV 22.7

Office Activities

Driving vehicle to work 45.4
Sitting: light office work, meeting 34
Standing: filing, light work 52.2
Typing: Computer, electric or manual 34

Did anyone notice that watching television or reading only burns a little over 2 more calories than sleeping?!

Hopefully, you found something on that extensive list that appealed to you (besides watching TV).  Whether its summer or winter find something you enjoy and move it!  Stay active!  Aim for 6,000 steps a day for seniors and 10,000 steps a day for adults.

If you are looking for other ways to stay active check out How Yoga Can Help You!  If you want to know how I lost 125 lbs, check out my book, Small Bites, Big Results.

Intentionally Eat and Move,


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