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Best Weight Loss Tip Ever
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Best Weight Loss Tip Ever

What is the best weight loss tip ever? Well, not only can it help you lose weight, but it can also lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Research also shows that it can create happier healthier children, decrease your teens risk of using alcohol and drugs, help you live longer and have more money!

Best Weight Loss Tip Ever!

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Are you wondering how you can achieve all of those things? What could this miraculous tip be? Simple –

Eating at home.

The more meals you cook and eat at home, the more you can control your calories and you naturally make healthier choices.

When we eat out we consume 50% more calories, fat and sodium!  50% more!


Restaurant customers often miss out on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and other vitamin-rich foods that may reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

I know, I hear you saying, “I’m busy!”  We are all busy, but we find time for the things we want to make time for. How many hours did you binge watch this week? How many games of Candy Crush (or whatever the latest game is) did you play? How many dog or cat videos did you watch on your phone yesterday?

Best Weight Loss Tip Ever is Cooking and Eating at Home!

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You could lose 10 lbs in 10 weeks by cooking and eating dinner at home!


We think we don’t have time to cook at home, but we do. You don’t have to create something that would be shown on the Food Network, you just have to make something you enjoy eating.  You have to make the decision that your family, your children and you are worth the effort that it takes to prepare dinner.

You could lower you and your family’s risk of cancer by 50%!

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It takes some planning, so here are some tips:

Have a list of 5 – 10 meals that are your standard “go to” meals. For example, mine are bean burritos, spaghetti, huge salad, hummus platter (veg, pita, hummus, stuffed grape leaves from a can), black bean soup and tortilla pizzas.

Keep the ingredients for those meals on hand. It’s easy to keep spaghetti sauce, canned beans, salsa and hummus on hand.

– Buy frozen, or pre-cut vegetables. Toss vegetables into salads, pasta sauces, stews, lasagnas, pizzas, stir fries and sandwiches. If I’m going to have a busy week I get 2 huge salads at the salad bar. I leave off the things that will get slimy, like bell peppers, cucumbers, etc on one of the salads. The other gets veggies for a stir fry – peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc. and obviously, no lettuce. I can make 4 side salads from the first one or 2 large dinner salads. The second is a super quick dinner with steamed rice made in a rice cooker. I know the salad bar costs more than making it myself, but it saves time and saves me from the drive thru.

Cancel one activity a week – In place of shuttling kids between games and lessons – and stopping for fast food on the way home – cancel one activity a week and ask the children to help you make dinner. Think back to your childhood, do you remember helping out in the kitchen. It was a blast! Not to mention the fact that you are preparing them to be healthier adults.

Stock your freezer – Make double batches of things like casseroles, soups, lasagna, etc and freeze them for later. If you didn’t plan ahead and make your own there is nothing wrong with serving some healthy frozen dinners, just add one or two steamed vegetables to the plate (or that salad bar salad). It is still healthier than eating most fast food items.

If you cook and eat at home you are doing better than most people. Here are some shocking stats from North Ohio Heart Ohio Medical Group:

  • 50 million Americans are eating fast food every day.
  • On any given day 34 % of children ages 2 – 19 consume fast food.
  • The average American spends $1200 on fast food each year – think about how much money that is for your family.
  • 20% of American meals are eaten in the car.

So the more you cook and eat at home the more you lower your risk of disease!

If you are looking for a quick recipes try my

Tangy Greek Chickpea Salad

Amazing Avocado Pasta

or Crispy Black Bean Burritos from Namely Marly

and Spring Veggie Stir-fry from Cookie and Kate


Remember to share your tips with me. I’m always looking for more ideas on saving time and cooking at home.

Eat Intentionally at home,


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  1. Adrina

    This is a great point for weightless as one never thinks this basic solution. I agree at home you control portions and calories and overall eat healthier. Thanks for sharing some your recipes as well 🙂

    1. Cindy Author

      Thanks for your comments Adrina!

    1. Cindy Author

      Thanks Allie! Glad you liked them!

  2. Heather LeGuilloux

    This is so true! I always feel healthier after making a meal from scratch at home. And there’s also the satisfaction of making it yourself rather than being served in a restaurant. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Cindy Author

      You are so right Heather! It is satisfying making a meal yourself!

  3. zim

    Frozen/Pre-cut vegetables save me a lot of time and money. Buying whole veggies is wasteful for me as they end up rotting and being thrown away. I make a habit of tossing them in the trolley when in the supermarket – even if I went for something else.

    1. Cindy Author

      They are a time saver!

  4. Jo

    Love your site! Such great ideas!

    1. Cindy Author

      Thanks so much!

  5. Michael Garrico

    Great tip Cindy, if you prepare your own meals you think about what you eat, you are more mindful about your health. Dieting and excess gym time also takes time, so this could be the smart approach to maintaining your weight or even to avoid gaining weight.

    1. Cindy Author

      Thanks Michael! I think its key.

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