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You Can Find Freedom From Overeating
image of woman wearing a ballcap with eyes closed and mouth full of food. A hotdog and bun are sticking out of her mouth.

You Can Find Freedom From Overeating

You can find freedom from overeating! You can learn to be free to eat whatever you want by asking yourself this one simple question…

image of woman wearing a ballcap with eyes closed and mouth full of food. A hotdog and bun are sticking out of her mouth. freedom from overeating by intentionally eat

You Can Find Freedom From Overeating

Next week we will celebrate our countries freedom with fireworks, cookouts, and get-togethers. The talk of freedom always makes me think of when I wasn’t free. I was a slave to unhealthy habits, unhealthy thinking, and unhealthy living. I abused food and my body and I paid a price for it.

I still live with the pain of obesity even though I have lost 125lbs. (Read my story) I have loose skin, pain in the knees that held so much weight for so long and a back that torments me. All of that pales in comparison to the freedom I now have from overeating!

I am free to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I have freedom from overeating!


BECAUSE I AM NO LONGER DIETING! And you don’t have to diet either!

Diets tell us lies – “you can’t eat that”, ” you should eat this”, “if you want to be skinny, you should eat this”.  Lies, lies and more lies. You have the freedom to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. You can find freedom from overeating. (Find out how to Intentionally Eat and never have to diet again!)

The key is to ask yourself- what do you want more – junk food or a healthy body? 

image of woman holding a pear in one hand and an apple in the other. freedom from overeating by intentionally eat

That’s all you have to ask yourself every time you eat when you aren’t really hungry. If its health, declare it! Declare your freedom from overeating!

America declared independence from Britain in 1776, but the battle for freedom went on until 1783. People declared freedom and then they stood and fought for it.

That’s what you can do – declare your freedom from diets and overeating and be determined to stand against the opposing forces in your life. You will be challenged. Work will become stressful, family fights, friends that encourage you to overindulge, etc. It will happen because life happens. You used to turn to food for comfort, stress relief, love and now you have declared freedom from it, so you will have to turn to something else. God, prayer, walking, journaling, knitting?

You have to stand against those forces and fight to stay free. How will you do it?

Plan ahead for the battle.

Our forefathers planned ahead. They signed the Declaration of Independence and then read it out loud in public. They published it in newspapers and continued declaring and celebrating even before the battle was finished. They saw the ultimate outcome and victory even in the midst of the battle.

You can declare it too! You are free! You are an overcomer! Declare it and stand firm in your battle. Celebrate your victory that is on its way!

image of a woman with her back to the camera looking at the ocean with outstretched arms. freedom from overeating by intentionally eat


Need more inspiration? Read on:

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Intentionally Eat and God Bless America,



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