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How To Start Working Out
image of kettlebells on a gym floor with people in the background for how to start working out by intentionally eat

How To Start Working Out

image of a woman in a track suit and sweat band in a runners start position at the track for how to start working out by intentionally eat

Getting started is one of the biggest challenges to working out. You can overcome that challenge by learning the SMALL method for creating realistic workout goals that you can reach and maintain for life! Start SMALL!


How to Start Working Out

Have you ever said this before?  I don’t know where to begin!Let’s bust that excuse and learn how to start working out!

Are you lost in all of the weight loss and exercise information out there? Do you wonder if you should walk or lift weights, or both? Do you want to become healthier but need a starting point? image of a woman with brown hair looking confused for how to start working out by intentionally eat

You can start by making the decision to become healthier. Every bite we take, every exercise we perform (or don’t perform) is a decision. We just need to get to the point where we make more healthy decisions, than non-healthy ones.

So, you’ve made the decision to commit to a healthy lifestyle, what now? How do you start working out?

Before beginning an exercise program, check with your doctor. Then start by setting small, attainable goals, i.e. exercise 3 times per week for 20 minutes. If that feels like too big of a commitment, then do it for 10 minutes. You have to decide what your goals are and they need to be attainable and realistic. Don’t be a Sunday Sally and promise yourself you’ll workout every day – starting Monday, if you know you really won’t do it.

Use my SMALL method to help you set realistic goals:

S–  Specific
M–Motivational                                       image of the word goal with a target in the center of the o and a dart hitting it for how to start working out by intentionally eat
A– Action
L – Likely
L-  Let it Happen

Specific – What exactly do you want to achieve?
Motivational – Can you feel your goal? Does it get you excited to think about reaching it?
Action – What action are you going to take to reach your goal?
Likely – Are you likely to accomplish your goal? Is it realistic?
Let it Happen – Picture yourself reaching your goal and let it happen. Don’t worry about how long its taking, just keep working your action and let it happen.
It takes about a month to create a habit, so decide what type of exercise you would enjoy doing for the next four weeks. As someone that has lost a significant amount of weight (You can read about my 125 lb weight loss HERE) , I don’t think it matters what type of exercise you start with as long as you start. Pick something you WANT to do, not what you think will give you a 6 pack.
What should I eat, now that I’m exercising?

Once you create an exercise habit, you can start to focus on eating. Don’t try to focus on two things at once or you’ll go cross-eyed. Kidding, but you will lose focus. Just create the exercise habit for now. Just move more.

After you create your exercise habit, then you can use the same SMALL method for your eating plan; set realistic goals. How about starting with fruit and veggies? Could you commit to eating 3 vegetables and 2 fruits every day? What about water? Could you decide to drink 8 glasses of water a day?

Let’s focus on adding good habits rather than eliminating “bad” ones.

What’s next?

Sticking to an exercise and/or weight loss program is difficult and requires sacrifice. Make the decision to stick with it and achieve your goals. Remember, this is a lifestyle – not a diet.

Now that you know how to start working out if you are looking for a few exercise ideas? Look here:
Intentionally Eat,

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    Wonderful tips! Getting started is the biggest challenge.

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      Thanks Carly, glad you liked them!

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