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No Time To Workout? Try This Genius Hack!
A red alarm clock

No Time To Workout? Try This Genius Hack!

No Time To Workout? Try This Genius Hack!

Your Body Doesn’t Want Excuses.


A red alarm clockIf dancing the night away in Zumba class, running 3 miles on the trail, or pounding out some lbs is something you’ll be able to get around to – half past never, then you are going to want to try this hack!


You know working out goes hand in hand with healthy weight loss.  Losing weight is a time commitment and can be challenging, especially if your job keeps you sedentary for much of the day or your schedule is so hectic you grab fast food and unhealthy vending machine snacks.
Don’t give up and grab a donut just yet.  You don’t need to wake up thirty minutes earlier or stream a YouTube workout at midnight, unless you really want to.  You just need to reevaluate the time you do have and adopt this smart strategy to help you drop the pounds, feel better, and be healthier.


First things first, drop the “All or Nothing” mentality.  Every Small Bite you take toward a healthier lifestyle makes a difference.  If you don’t have an hour to spend at the gym, then don’t and stop beating yourself up for it.


Do what you can do with the time you have and stop making excuses.  


Every decision you make is an opportunity for a healthy choice, so make a decision to be as healthy as possible. Would an hour workout at the gym be ideal? Yes, but a 5 minute “at your desk workout” is better than nothing.


Think of it like you would savings – you put your change in a jar, clip a coupon, do what you can to save a dollar here or there. Try working out the same way – a 5 minute walk here, 10 desk push ups there – it will add up, if you do it regularly.


woman typing on a laptop on her bed

Since I have been blogging more and trying to bring you great weight loss info and recipes, I have noticed how sedentary I have become. Some days I’m only getting 3,000 steps in! As a health coach, I know this is typical for someone that works in an office.


I get caught up in writing, researching, corresponding with you, the reader, and hours have gone by and I haven’t moved from my chair.  Thank God, I teach fitness classes and personally train clients most days of the week, because blogging days are sloth-y days.


That is until I discovered this hack!  Back when I was experiencing a YEAR LONG plateau, I started walking during television commercials. Yep, I would pace around my house. I broke through that plateau with that simple strategy, just by getting up and moving for 5 minutes. No sweat. No fatigue. Just moving.


Now don’t misunderstand me, sweat and workout fatigue are a good thing and I recommend them, however if you are sedentary and aren’t moving at all, then start with this workout!

clip art image of a red tomato with a green stem


It’s the “No Time To Workout – Tomato Timer Workout!  You can find the Tomato Timer here.  


Here’s how it works –

Screen shot of Tomato Timer appYou set the timer and work for 25 minutes.  When the timer goes off, you set it for a 5 minute “workout” break.  You can walk, do chair squats, desk push ups, run the stairs, some kind of movement for the next 5 minutes.  Then you set it again for 25 minutes of work, followed by another 5 minute “workout” break. You can even change the break to last longer if you would rather do a 10 minute “workout” break or longer.


Taking these scheduled breaks really helped me to incorporate more movement into my blogging days.  I’m now able to get work done and get a “workout” in.  I feel better, I’m more alert, and happier!


I use the Tomato Timer every time I’m working from home and it helps me get through High Intensity workouts, too. Knowing I have a HIIT workout in my future doesn’t make me look forward to jumping jacks, burpees, and mountain climbers – call me crazy, I know, but using the Tomato Timer has made it seem more manageable.  It isn’t nearly as daunting for 5 minutes versus an entire class.


If you feel like you don’t have time to workout, try this and see what you can accomplish in a work day.  Oh, I know some of you are thinking you can’t stop working every 25 minutes and get up, but I want you to consider how much time you are spending checking personal email, texting, Facebook, etc.  You’ve got 5 minutes!


Want to know how many calories your weekend workout is REALLY burning? Click here to find out if its worth it.


Intentionally Eat & Move More!




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    1. Cindy Author

      Thanks Cindi! Have fun working out!

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