Are You In Pain?

Almost every client I work with has some sort of pain, some have shoulder, some are taking care of a knee, some have back pain, and some have arthritis. Most of the time when we have pain it causes us to limit our movements, however studies show that movement actually helps decrease pain.

Once we overcome that initial, “I don’t want to move” feeling, we realize just how helpful movement can be! I know I would rather sit in my recliner than run four miles, but deep down (way deep) I know that my body will feel better if I get off my Lazy Girl!

Sometimes even the thought of exercise or moving more causes us to think about pain. We might think, “if I exercise I’ll be sore” or “a ten minute walk isn’t going to do any good.” We have to fight those thoughts and GET MOVING!

Exercise Helps Decrease Pain

Exercise is indispensable for all people in pain. It has a variety of effects on your body that helps block pain.

How does Exercise decrease pain?

Exercise boosts the output of endorphins. Endorphins are substances your body produces to fight pain.

Exercise increases the brain’s supply of serotonin. Serotonin is a very important substance. It aids the flexibility of blood vessels. This is important because when blood vessels are flexible, they are less likely to cause painful irritation. Serotonin also improves your mood. (When you are in a good mood, pain feels better than when you are in a bad mood). Serotonin also fights pain in the brain. It fights pain by blocking the brain’s perception of pain. It also helps regulate your sleep cycles. If you are in pain, it is important to get enough sleep so your body can properly combat the pain.

Exercise helps stabilize levels of estrogen. Estrogen is a sex hormone that can interfere with serotonin.

So let’s get moving and feeling less pain!

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