Bea’s Weight Loss Transformation

2016-09-08-20-22-58PinBea’s Weight Loss Transformation

Bea has been my client for a while now.  She has ran with me, practiced yoga in my class, taken to heart my health advice, and even traveled to Hawaii, Nicaragua, and will soon go to Panama with me on my yearly wellness retreat.

I recently asked Bea if she would answer some health related questions and share a little of her story.  Here’s what she had to say –

1. Fave fruit – how do you like to eat it? Recipe?

My favorite fruit is the coffee bean, hehe.  I love my coffee.  But seriously, I like all berries.  My most favorite is frozen wild blue berries.  Love to put them on hot oatmeal.
2. Fave veg – how do you like to eat it?  Recipe?
My favorite starchy vegetable is corn, especially corn on the cob.  I love it boiled, steamed, grilled, in casseroles.   I don’t have a favorite non-starchy vegetable.  I am a big salad eater.  I love baby spinach, cucumbers, radishes, green beans (especially home grown).
Bea makes a lot of Mason Jar Salads.  You can find some recipes here.
3. Fave exercise?
This one is hard.  I like it when I am having fun and not really thinking it is exercise.  This changes for me based on my mood, the instructor, the weather, etc.  My go to exercise is walking and dancing such as zumba.
4. What do you do everyday to take care of yourself?
My health actions differ every day but the one thing I really try to get everyday is enough sleep.  I don’t operate well if I am lacking sleep.
5. Fave health quote?
“The greatest wealth is health” by Virgil
6. Fave fit tip? BeaPin
Don’t skip meals.  I have learned from you Cindy that skipping meals or eating too few calories does not equal healthy.
7. What are you trying to do better (health wise)?
Find what works for me and understand as my body changes what works for me may need to change also.
8. What have you accomplished (health wise)?
I walked into a Zumba class at 260 pounds and thought about me and not what others thought of me.  I started out slow and added other classes as I could.  I lost 100 pounds and kept it off for several months.  I even completed a half marathon.  Unfortunately I have lost focus resulting in weight gain.  I am working on refocusing.
9. Anything else you would like to add?
For me being healthy physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally takes work.  I am not successful everyday but I forgive myself and look to the next day as a new day.  Cindy having your support and advice each week helps me be a better me.
I hope that by sharing Bea’s story you will be inspired by her determination.  I know I am.
Intentionally eat,


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