Shamrock Shake Vegan Shake Recipe

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Do you love drinking a Shamrock Shake, but don’t love the dairy, calories, and chemicals? Then check out this avocado smoothie recipes for weight loss and health. This vegan shake recipe is loaded with creamy goodness and a kiss of peppermint.

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Healthy Vegan Shake Recipe – Shamrock Shake

Once the holidays are over everything turns green for St. Patrick’s Day, including shakes. McDonald’s releases its annual, minty Shamrock Shake and serves billions and billions of unwitting people. Did you know they have sold over 60 million since they were introduced in the 70’s?!

If Shamrock Shakes are one of your favorite treats, but you want a healthy milkshake full of healthy ingredients this is a great recipe to satisfy you next time you’re ready for a hint of mint.

Reader Review of Shamrock Shake Vegan Shake Recipe

I would drink yours instead any day! – Ayana

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Shamrock Shake Vegan Shake Recipe

Why This is the Best Vegan Shamrock Shake

  • Creamy and Indulgent Texture: The combination of ripe banana and creamy avocado creates a luxuriously smooth and creamy texture in this banana milkshake. This makes it feel indulgent and satisfying without the need for dairy.
  • Healthy and Nutrient-Rich Ingredients: Unlike traditional Shamrock Shakes, this creamy milkshake recipe is made with simple ingredients. Fresh fruit like bananas are a great source of potassium, fiber, and vitamins, while avocados provide healthy fats, fiber, and an array of vitamins and minerals. Mint extract adds a refreshing flavor and offers potential health benefits, such as aiding digestion and providing antioxidants.
  • Fresh and Refreshing Flavor: The mint extract adds a refreshing and vibrant flavor to this plant-based shake, making it a perfect treat for spring or any time of the year.

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Before I lost 125 pounds I had my share of McDonald’s Shakes, and fries, and burgers, and apple pies… you get the idea.

Now that I have lost weight and eat a vegan diet I love making unhealthy recipes into healthy ones. So, I created this Copycat Shamrock Shake as an avocado smoothie recipe for weight loss and just for the delicious taste.

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Ingredients for Shamrock Shake Vegan Shake Recipe

You can find the full recipe card including ingredient quantities, full step-by-step instructions, and nutrition information below.

  • Ripe banana – I use a frozen banana for a cold shake instead of adding ice cubes.
  • Unsweetened almond milk or your favorite plant milk like oat milk or soy milk.
  • Spinach – fresh or frozen spinach makes it a beautiful green smoothie and adds nutrients.
  • Avocado – gives the right texture for this creamy shake.
  • Peppermint extract or therapeutic-grade essential oil, or use 3 or 4 fresh mint leaves.
  • Liquid sweetener – you can use liquid stevia, agave nectar, maple syrup, or monk fruit-sweetened maple syrup.
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Shamrock Shake Vegan Shake Recipe

How to make this Vegan Shake Recipe

Place the ingredients into a high-speed blender and blend until smooth. 

Pro-Tip – If you want an extra protein boost I suggest adding a scoop of vegan protein powder. I would use vanilla protein powder, but you could add one of your favorite flavors for the perfect way to get extra grams of protein into your diet.

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Shamrock Shake Vegan Shake Recipe

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What are the Shamrock Shake ingredients?

A McDonald’s Shamrock Shake contains 54 ingredients!

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Shamrock Shake Ingredients

Shamrock Shake ingredients: VANILLA REDUCED FAT ICE CREAM –milk, sugar, cream, nonfat milk solids, corn syrup solids, mono- and diglycerides, guar gum, dextrose, sodium citrate, artificial vanilla flavor, sodium phosphate, carrageenan, disodium phosphate, cellulose gum, vitamin a palmitate, SHAMROCK SHAKE SYRUP – high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, water, sugar, natural flavor, xanthan gum, citric acid, sodium benzoate, yellow 5, blue 1, WHIPPED TOPPING – cream, nonfat milk, corn syrup, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, mono- and diglycerides, carrageennan, polysorbate 80, beta carotene, natural and artificial flavor, mixed tocopherols, whipping propellant, MARASCHINO CHERRY – cherries, water, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, malic acid, citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, red 40, sulfer dioxide, GREEN SUGAR CRYSTALS –sugar, yellow 5 lake, confectioners glaze, blue 1 lake, carnauba wax.

How many calories in a Shamrock Shake?

There are a whopping 820 calories in a large Shamrock Shake. My healthy Shamrock Shake has 261 calories making it much healthier!

How many carbs in a Shamrock Shake?

A large Shamrock Shake has 131 grams of carbohydrates. It has nearly 29 teaspoons of sugar! That’s 3 times the daily recommended amount of sugar!

The AHA recommends consuming no more than 36 grams of sugar per day.

How unhealthy is a Shamrock Shake?

A Shamrock Shake, particularly the version offered by fast-food chains, is considered unhealthy due to its high sugar, calorie, and fat content. Here are some reasons why a Shamrock Shake can be considered unhealthy:

  1. High Sugar Content: A typical Shamrock Shake can contain an excessive amount of added sugars.
  2. High-Calorie Count: Shamrock Shakes are calorie-dense. Consuming such a high-calorie drink can contribute to weight gain and disrupt a balanced diet.
  3. Lack of Nutrients: Shamrock Shakes are low in essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They are essentially empty calories, providing energy without the beneficial nutrients your body needs.
  4. Artificial Ingredients: Shamrock Shakes contain artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives, which may have negative effects on health over time.
  5. High Fat Content: The fat content in a Shamrock Shake, particularly from the use of ice cream and whipped cream, can be significant. This can contribute to high levels of saturated fats, which are linked to heart disease.
  6. Digestive Issues: The high sugar and fat content can also lead to digestive discomfort for some individuals, especially if consumed in large quantities.

Remember not all Shamrock Shakes are created equal, and homemade versions like this vegan shake recipe using healthier ingredients like fresh mint, bananas, and avocado can be a more nutritious option.

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Is Shamrock Shake gluten-free? 

The McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is not considered gluten-free due to its ingredients and the potential for cross-contamination. The shake contains ingredients like vanilla reduced-fat ice cream, Shamrock Shake syrup, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. While the ice cream and syrup may not inherently contain gluten, McDonald’s does not certify the Shamrock Shake as gluten-free.

Additionally, McDonald’s notes on its website that they are unable to guarantee that any menu item is completely free of allergens, including gluten. This is due to the possibility of cross-contact with allergens during the preparation process. If you have celiac disease or severe gluten sensitivity, it’s best to avoid the Shamrock Shake and other products that are not certified gluten-free. Always check with the restaurant or their website for the most up-to-date information on allergens and ingredients.

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Shamrock Shake Vegan Shake Recipe

Do you love drinking a Shamrock Shake, but don’t love the dairy, calories, and chemicals? Then check out this avocado smoothie recipes for weight loss and health. This vegan shake recipe is loaded with creamy goodness and a kiss of peppermint.
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Diet Vegan, Vegetarian
Keyword avocado smoothie recipes for weight loss, vegan shake recipe
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 serving
Calories 261kcal
Author Cindy Newland with Intentionally Eat


  • 1 ripe banana, frozen
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 cup fresh spinach leaves or 1/2 cup frozen spinach
  • 1/4 avocado
  • 1 tbsp liquid sweetener
  • 1 drop peppermint extract or therapeutic grade essential oil or 3 or 4 mint leaves


  • Add all ingredients to a high speed blender.
  • Blend and enjoy!


Nutritional Information is only an estimate. The accuracy of this recipe may differ depending on the ingredients you use.


Serving: 1 serving | Calories: 261kcal | Carbohydrates: 47g | Protein: 4g | Fat: 8g | Fiber: 7g | Sugar: 24g

My version has 7 grams of fiber, Vitamins A, and C, Calcium, Potassium, and Iron. It only has 24 grams of sugar compared to 115 grams! Plus it is only 261 calories. It will satisfy your cravings and keep you on a healthy track.

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Cindy Newland with Intentionally Eat

​Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a medical professional. The information provided on this blog is based on my personal experiences and research as a vegan recipe enthusiast. While I strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, it is important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or a registered dietitian before making any significant changes to your diet, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns. The recipes and tips shared on this blog are meant for general informational purposes and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. Always prioritize your health and well-being by seeking personalized guidance from a qualified healthcare provider.

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  1. 5 stars
    I would drink yours instead any day! If I have ever had a Shamrock shake from McDonalds, it was a long time ago! All I can think of now is that it would probably be a huge stomachache and lots of regret afterward! I had a birthday cake shake from Zaxbys a couple years ago and it was so sickeningly sweet that I was put off from birthday cake flavored things for a LONG time!

  2. 5 stars
    820 calories in a DRINK is terrifying! That’s not normal at all! Its amazing how you created an alternative with much lower calories and better, healthier ingredients. This shake looks really good, perfect for St Patrick’s Day!

  3. 5 stars
    The Shamrock Shake sounds so good. I love anything coconut and the coconut whipped cream sounds great. I definitely need to try this.

  4. Wow the McDonalds Shamrock Shake looks like a health hazard! Thanks for sharing a healthier version, your one looks way more inviting to me!

  5. Moderation is the key but McDonald’s makes people want to have it rarely or never. I’m glad healthy versions like the one you have here exist. And it just takes 5 minutes!

  6. 4 stars
    I never heard of Shamrock Shake but from your blog I can easily assume how tasty this shake can be… I will try to make it in home for me and my family…Thanks for sharing ..????????

  7. The shamrock drink is not available in Macdonalds in Singapore. But I’m glad you are sharing your healthy recipe here. spinach + banana and mint, I think I will like the concoction!

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